Our Ascension Day

Yesterday was Ascension Day. The day that is observed as Jesus’ return to Heaven. I can just imagine the triumphant entry He made. The grand celebration that is still in full swing.
To the friends He left behind, I’m sure this day was a bit less glorious. The Promise Jesus left with them is still for us today, though! He WILL return for His children! That day can’t come soon enough for this family!:)
Yesterday, since Steve had off work, we loaded the van with supplies, and spent the day over at Kierra’s grave, pouring the footer for her headstone.
It took us much longer then we planned, due to the misty weather that popped up in the afternoon.


The ground was nice and moist from the recent rain. We dug and dug until the hole was 30 inches deep. Then we took a break at McDonalds and picked up concrete mix at Home Depot. It took 17 bags of 80 lb mix!! I was absolutely amazed! I had no idea that smallish headstones can require that big of a footer. Steve did an amazing job!

We mixed and hauled and scraped and mixed. It wasn’t really suppose to rain according to Accuweather, but of course it did as soon as we began pouring and mixing concrete.
Perhaps the heavens were weeping with our hearts, remembering that only 4 months ago, we said Goodbye. It seems much longer then that! Amazingly, it felt rather good to actually be DOING something in honor of Kierra. Our little family…together in hearts if not in persons.
We waited in the van while it misted over our plastic covered slab of concrete. Kobe thought it was quite adventurous and made ramps out of the dashboard for his trucks.
After lots of edging and smoothing we called it good enough and loaded up to head home.
That was our day yesterday. Full of conversation, misty rain, cold toes, digging, mixing, dumping…and home to hot coffee and popcorn.

Kierra’s spot is way down in the right hand corner under the spreading tree.

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