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When Part Of Heaven Lives In Us


We spent a day in Maryland recently. It’s always so good to be with family. Nothing on earth can replace family ties. It was the first we were back since the funeral. The last time we visited was over Christmas, and Kierra was not feeling well at all. I’m still so glad we went that one last time in December! She got cuddled and held and rocked alot that day!

Christmas 2013 015

We almost went to the ER on the way home with her, but she seemed to rally again. After we got home, she spent alot of time in her delightful bed. She LOVED that bed, and her new bed set.Even if it was a bit big ๐Ÿ™‚

Christmas 2013 029Christmas 2013 032

I wasn’t planning on all these pictures, but I miss her so much, I just had to post them again ๐Ÿ™‚ Please bear with me…

On this trip to Maryland, we had no ย Kierra to take with us, and while we missed her so much, there were sweet times, and little reminders of her all around us. She was in our hearts, so she couldn’t be too far away!

Meghan (my newest niece) had grown delightfully since I saw her last. She is a darling, squishable, blondie and looked like a peach in one of Kierra’s baby dresses!


I took some extra oxygen tubing and feeding tube extensions along for my nieces. They LOVE to play ‘Kierra’ with their dolls. They had their bed turned into a hospital in no time. They propped pillows their babies, dressed in Kierra’s outgrown clothes. Taped the extensions to their bellies, and had the time of their lives.



They had to even give them breathing treatments ๐Ÿ™‚ with lots of little on lookers.


And give them bolus feeds ๐Ÿ™‚


I even had fun. Opening the tubing, inserting the syringe, and feeding the babies ๐Ÿ™‚ Something about flipping that clamp open felt so good again.

I remember sharing a hospital room with a patient who was in overnight, recovering from a minor surgery. The mom told the nurse that her daughter’s oxygen was still on. Being bored and maybe a bit nosy :), I peeked over on their side since our curtains weren’t shut. The child had no oxygen tubing on whatsoever. She only had the little pulse ox. monitor with that little red light attached yet. Yep, it was my amusement for the day! But seriously, I may have been in the same shoes years ago. If you never step foot into the medical world, you have no idea what simple oxygen tubing is.

Kierra gave my nieces more then happy cousin memories. She gave them a bit of medical knowledge as well. Maybe they can use it to bless another little child some day.

When part of Heaven lives in our hearts, it changes everything.

this earth gets very lonely.


sometimes nature is your best companion.


but when being with people is too much to bear, their love still burns in your heart.


Eventually, the sun bursts through, and God opens a window to heaven.


All we can do is worship our Loving Creator.Savior. Father.

He listens to our hearts. And hears our silent prayers when words aren’t enough.

I captured Kobe in a prayer outside.


He had just fallen and bumped his knee when I heard him whisper,all bent over, “Pray God. Make Kobe’s knee, ouchie……”(mumble incomprehensible words for this mommy) “Amen!”

and he jumped up and took off playing again.


I’m sure God understood him. Just as He understands my mixed up words at times.

Approach His throne BOLDLY, my friends! He is No Small God! And our stresses and heartaches do not overwhelm Him.


3 thoughts on “When Part Of Heaven Lives In Us

  1. i love your story and pictures. My family was totally shocked bu one of your pictures. There is one of a young girl with blonde hair and glasses looking down sitting on a bed. She could be my daughter’s twin from the side. I know it sounds crazy but I attached a couple photos. Its so neat I wonder if they look similar from the front? Do you live anywhere near Strasburg. we are looking at possibly renting a house out there. We just cant function anymore in our current home as it is not accessible and cant afford anything where we live now. As you know medical equipment takes up soo much space and it feeels like the walls are closing in on us. now we are looking at a new wc and new bed for her uggg. The first photo is current, my daughter Emma is trying on fire gear. The second photo is two years old Emma and my oldest daughter Rebecca are holding are new puppy. the third picture is all three of our girls, Emma Rebeeca and Hannah. In this one however Rebecca is wearing the glasses. I just couldn’t resis sharing this with you. Krista Sweigart

    Date: Sat, 24 May 2014 18:46:50 +0000 To: kristas78@msn.com


  2. Hi Krista, I sent you a personal email since I couldn’t seem to find the link to your photos and would love to see them!! Did you get it? The little girl is named Maria and lives in TN ๐Ÿ™‚ so good to her from you again. Hoping and praying housing turns up for you! Strasbourg is a lovely area. I know how difficult a small house is!


  3. Oh, you just post pictures of Kierra all you want! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love seeing your beautiful daughter and I know from experience how healing it is to share those kinds of things.

    And I totally love how your nieces like to play Kierra with their dolls. So sweet and what a precious way to remember her! It feels SO GOOD to know that our children are remembered, to know that other people were impacted by their lives as well.

    And your son praying over his ouchie? Precious!

    Praying that you will feel God near you today as you continue to miss your little Wildflower.


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