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My Favorite ‘Homemade’ Cleaners

I was cleaning my house today.

It’s amazing how the most ordinary cleaning days can be So Much Fun!!!

Cheers to Living and Enjoying an ordinary day!

soap pics 006

Caught! Sneaking cookies.

soap pics 002

Doing breathing treatments. I could just sit and watch him! ❤

soap pics 017

And pretending to be a photographer 🙂

As I wiped down the kitchen counter, I noticed my oil jar needed a MAJOR scrubbing. ( yep, i’m embarrassed to post this picture, but you need to see to believe!)  🙂

soap pics 010

Yep, that’s  baked on oil on the outside of that jar! Having a small kitchen makes me store things pretty close to our tiny stove that breathes heat like a monster when it’s turned on .

I pulled out my favorite household cleaner (recipe coming)  🙂

I sprayed. And let it marinate. And scrubbed.

The transformation was astounding.

soap pics 012

Squeaky clean. Why didn’t I do this longgg ago? 🙂

soap pics 014

The best part about this cleaner is that it’s super simple. Not to mention the fact  that there is a two year old rampaging around here, and we all know that  most store bought cleaners with chemicals and kids don’t mix so well.

I bet some of you make it already. Here’s my version. I use it all over the house. In the bathroom…shower, toilet, and sink…in the kitchen..counter tops, cabinets, and cruddy, baked- on dishes 🙂 in my mop water… and it would even work great for windows if you do a squeegee washing method.

soap pics 018

Dawn Household Cleaner and Degreaser

1/4 cup white vinegar

1/4 cup  Dawn dish soap

1 cup tap water

Heat vinegar in microwave. Stir in Dawn soap. Pour into empty spray bottle. Add water and swish gently. 

This is just the right amount for my spray bottle. It seems to be fairly concentrated so if you have a problem with too many suds, you can always increase the amount of water.

I also use Dawn to make my Laundry Soap. I DID NOT ENJOY  grating bar soap like so many recipes recommend, and I had a problem with my clothes fading. But I really wanted to save my husbands hard earned dollars in little areas that were actually do-able for me.

I like this recipe much better 🙂 It took the finger paint right out of Kierra’s clothes without even pre spraying them.

soap pics 019

 Homemade Dawn Laundry Soap

3 Tablespoons Borax 

3 Tablespoons Washing Soda

3 Tablespoons Dawn soap. ( i like the blue because of the bluing and degreasing power)

8 cup water

Heat 2 cups of water. Stir or swish in your Borax and Washing Soda until dissolved.  Dump in Dawn. Add remaining 6 cups water. Store in empty clean jug. Give a little swirl or shake before using.

Use approx. 1/2 cup per load.

Oh! and you can always add a dash of vinegar to that mixture too 🙂

Now you have a new idea to explore:) I don’t always use the full half cup and still have good results.

I also know that everyone’s opinions on laundering are different. We all know what works for me might not be OK with you 🙂 After my ‘always neatly dressed’ used- to- be neighbor lady shared this Dawn  laundry secret with me, I jumped on the idea! And I’ve been  so glad ever since!

Happy cleaning to you, my friends!