Nature Awakens You

Our Bleeding Heart Snowman :)

This snow we’ve been dumped with reminds me of my New York girlhood.


Maybe part of the reason I never made many snowmen was because we were so accustomed to snow, we didn’t appreciate it for what it was πŸ™‚ Anyway, snowman crafting was never my greatest talent, so when I bundled Kobe up and set out to make a snowman, it went about as usual πŸ™‚ I am always glad when a kid helps me so I can at least pretend that a kid built the snowman.

Β  On a whim, I grabbed the red food coloring in hopes of making a valentine snow man. I went a bit wild with it, and afterward realized if I had used an art paintbrush, it would have turned out much neater. Needless to say, we made a heart that immediately began bleeding. It was actually quite appropriate πŸ™‚


By the time Steve came home from work, the head had fallen off, and the whole front was one solid pink snow hump. He was hoping there was not a drive by shooting involved πŸ™‚ (No, that would honestly NOT be funny!)

Since we had SO MUCH snow, Kobe kept getting stuck. Since it was his nap time, he was tired. Since he was tired, he was grouchy. Since he was grouchy, he cried. Since the snow and sun were extremely bright together, it hurt his eyes. I’d say he was doing pretty good at giving me a kiss! πŸ™‚

Feb. 2013 096

We miss you, Kierra.

Feb. 2013 094

Making valentines cookies wasn’t the same without her. This was last year.

jan 2013 020

And this is this year. Some good friends came over and magically created lovely valentine cookies for me. it did my heart good!

Feb. 2013 027 Feb. 2013 072 Feb. 2013 073 Feb. 2013 074

I’m sure Kierra has lots of beautiful, lovely, girlish, valentinesy things in heaven right now. Β I bet it’s like valentines day all year round up there. I JUST WISH I COULD SEE IT!

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