Kierra’s Funeral

So many kind friends came to show their support and love the evening before Kierra’s funeral.


Even the sunset was a lovely pink. It was perfect, since Kierra’s favorite color was pink. Although her vision was very limited, it always seemed to catch her eye more then the other colors.

The church house was open for friends and family to come and linger.

A table of with a few of her favorite things was set up close to the guest registry.


The day she passed away, two of my siblings gave us a little figurine from Willow Tree- ‘Angel’s Embrace’. I think her angel that bore her away on wings to Heaven is still watching over her right now.


Since harp music soothed Kierra’s restless evenings, we asked The Marinis ( ) if they would be so kind as to play throughout the evening. I will always be amazed at how much music helped calm Kierra. We would often play CDs all night for her to help her relax. I can just imagine her thrill at the lovely heavenly music she is soaking in right now.

The harpists were so gracious and kept soft music  in the air.

IMG_5851 - Copy



Thank you, Emily, Katrina, and Mark!

The following day was the funeral. So many people helped us make this day possible. We wanted to close Kierra’s last chapter in her bodily form with love and music, flowers and sweetness. Through the grief, the beauty was rather lost on us, but we still felt it deep in our hearts and I look back on that day with the feeling of warmth and strength and love and pink. So much pain and so much beauty all combined made a day of immeasurable grief and the peaceful pureness of a child.

Mark and Sadie spent hours on her slide show and memorandum. My family made tiny wild flower favors to pass out to the guests.

IMG_5916 - Copy


Shawn King led the congregation in singing “Children Of The Heavenly Father” and “Safe In The Arms Of Jesus”


Merv Fisher and Amos King, the pastors from church, shared also. They both brought comfort and healing to our hearts. It means more then I can say to have these kind folks who we have only known for about two years, pouring God’s grace and their love into our lives. I hope we can somehow pass on all they have given us to others, and that God would bless them beyond their imaginations!

It felt so unreal to be the family on the front bench, mourning the loss of their family member. I felt like pinching myself to see if it was real, but the big hole in my heart assured me of that.

We had an open time of sharing. Everyone that spoke helped to put a chunk of love and peace into my heart again, although the hole will always be a Kierra sized one. Thankyou, all of you!! We won’t forget your kind words!

Steve’s father spoke first. They were missionarys in Honduras for most of Kierra’s life. When they heard Kierra was not well, they prayed for healing. When they learned her diagnose, they prayed that God could be glorified through her life. Over the last year, their prayer changed. They prayed that if God would allow it, they would have a chance to connect with Kierra as a granddaughter before she left us. We traveled to Montana for Thanksgiving and their prayer was answered. Kierra was happy and feeling fairly well.


I truly think this was Kierra’s time to go. We wouldn’t ever be truly ready, but Stephen and I both felt like it was time to say Goodbye this time when she got sick. It was honestly the first time in her life that I felt like I was ready to open my hands and let her go. I had often given her to God, but a part of heart always begged God to let her stay. This time was different. She had Heaven stamped all over her sweet little face.

Mark and Sadie shared a bit. They were some of Kierra’s favorite people. Sadie wore her beautiful hot pink dress especially for Kierra.


Our wonderful night nurses both spoke a bit. Kierra loved you ladies!


Dr. Strauss, who has done a phenomenal job at keeping Kierra comfortable and is still working with other Doctors to research Yoder Dystonia, spoke as well. He is truly an amazing man.

IMG_5952 - Copy

My father closed with a few poems and the Obituary.


Then came the heart wrenching part of kissing our daughters sweet hair and face and saying Goodbye to the body we poured so much time and love into. Our brothers carried the small white casket out to the cemetery behind the church house.


There were wildflowers passed out to the children and friends to place on her grave.


And now, I can’t resist posting just a few pictures of the children at the service. Their expressions speak volumes.



IMG_5998 IMG_5982

After they had lowered the tiny bit of whiteness into the grave, Steve placed the first shovel of earth into the hole. It was his way of giving his daughter back to God, who loaned her to us.


Kobe wanted to scoop a bit too, so Steve helped him. I will never forget the picture in my mind of my two guys, the brown fresh earth,and the chill in the air.


It felt like my heart was buried in that dark hole with our little Kierra.


I am so blessed to have these two guys in my life though.


We also have a whole host of friends and families to pray for us and love us and support us. Thankyou…each of you!

Kierra’s grave was sprinkled with lovely bright splashes of wildflowers. As I watched the children come up and place them eagerly on the grave, I could imagine how Kierra would have LOVED to do this.

It brings hope.

“The bud may have a bitter taste,

But sweet will be the flower!”


We are still in the dream, Kierra…

but you are SO ALIVE in Heaven!

We love you.

See you soon sweet one.

6 thoughts on “Kierra’s Funeral

  1. So much sadness and sweetness and something indescribable in these words and pictures. These words summed it all up for me …. It felt so unreal to be the family on the front bench, mourning the loss of their family member. …… So unreal. The reality of losing a child … can it ever be real and at the same time can you ever get away from the gripping reality of it all? Thank you so much for keeping on writing your story!


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  3. Anita I have wept buckets over some of your writings. God knew I needed to “stumble” across your blog yest. I thot I had a tough week w/ sick children, (just the flu) dreary depressing weather & stuck in the house. I am renewed w/ a thankful heart! God bless you & your family w/ a wonderful holiday season. Btw- I am Lois (Knepp) Miller’s sis-in-law & know your sis Julia well!


  4. Anita dear, I came across your blog and was reading it yesterday with tears streaming down my face. I don’t know if you remember me from childhood days, but I just needed to send you a hug today and let you know I care. Your little Kierra was beautiful. May your day be blessed with peace.


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