Special Kids

Tube Changed!

Yeah! Praise the Lord! They had an open slot in the IR today and got Kierra’s new J/Gtube in. She did very well and didn’t need to be totally ‘put under’ but only sedated. Her IV was leaking, so they got a new one started as well while she was a little more relaxed. Now we are slowly increasing her feeds every 3 hours until we reach our goal of 47 ml per hour. We are at 10 ml right now:) She is sleeping again finally. She was awake all night the last three nights. I think she just wants to go home to her own bed. Thankfully she took a nap today, now tonight she is sleeping again.


The wonderful thing about this cold snap that has everyone shivering is that Steve got to have off work yesterday and today! That made me very happy! I even got to take a long nap this afternoon…bliss!! Personally, the cold cold outdoors felt very invigorating and brain clearing to me on my short walk to the car πŸ™‚ Nope, I did not have to stay out for any long amount of time.

Steve headed home again tonight. Hopefully we can be discharged in a day or two and celebrate being together again. I miss Kobe! πŸ™‚ It’s so much fun to talk to him on the phone now that he’s old enough to respond.

Guess what else? I got my cracked lenses fixed in my glasses yesterday! They have cracked twice now, and I haven’t even worn them much. Kierra likes to reach up and box them with her long arms, but I didn’t think that would be hard enough to crack them. Maybe they are weaker then I thought. This time I got a more shatter resistant lens.

Just a little secret… Lens Crafters was going to charge me $300! for replacement lenses. Vision Works only charged me $90…and did it in a few hours! I was highly impressed! I think they did a super job of getting my eyes focused in them too, since the last lenses made my eyes go weirdo. I can actually wear them without feeling tipsy! I guess it just takes coming to the hospital, having a great husband to watch Kierra,and a Vision Center close by Β to give me the nudge to get them fixed. LOL! Oh! And I think this vision center did a MUCH better job then Sears where I got my glasses πŸ™‚ So …good things come to those who wait πŸ™‚

Yesterday, a friend texed me the amazing thought that God watched his Son suffer to death and didn’t do anything about it…because He loved us SO MUCH! So don’t think for one moment that God does not hurt with us when our children suffer also.

Last night, a Pastor stopped by on His rounds, and in our conversation, he mentioned the exact same thing! That God really DOES care that we live in a hurting imperfect world. He sent Jesus to this messed up place for US! Isn’t that just the most amazing Love and Grace!

It was a wonderful confirmation that God will walk with us through whatever we face in life.

Thank you all for your prayers! This has been a wonderful day! πŸ™‚

Stay warm.

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