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Quiet Day At Dupont

We had a relaxing quiet day today. Kierra calmed down majorly after her feeds were discontinued and her belly had time to empty and heal. She went from thrashing and crying to laying calmly and resting quietly.


The GI Dr. and kidney Dr. came through on their rounds today and decided it would be best to change her Gtube to a G/Jtube. That will make so her feed can bypass her stomach ,hopefully causing her less pain,discomfort and vomiting. Last night, they tried to start her feeds at a super low rate of 10 ml an hour only to have her vomit after 2 hours, so we know that she cannot tolerate formula in her belly right now. The only other option for hydration is through IV. This tends to make her retain more fluid so the kidney Dr wants to discontinue her IV asap.


We waited all day for a time slot for her procedure to open. Nothing did…they were booked full. Tomorrow is full as well. We are hoping and praying for a cancellation so she can get off her IV fluids and start with her formula feeding again. She will have to be sedated for the Jtube placement since it requires threading the tube down into the intestines. She’s pretty good at rockin and rollin when it comes to someone messing with her belly, so I’m guessing it will take a fairly large amount of sedation.

Today we went for a little walk down to the family room, and hung out in our room. There is alot of RSV etc in the hospital right now, so I wasn’t too sure about taking her out, so I covered her Kid Cart with a blanket. No children under 10 yr. are permitted on the floors right now through the flu season, so it was a nice quiet walk πŸ™‚

592.jpg 594.jpg

She has been awake for most of 48 hours now. This afternoon she opened her eyes and laughed and talked and gave kisses πŸ™‚


I think her gazes toward heaven just melt the heart of her Creator and make the angels sing.

She finally fell asleep tonight and is totally cloncked out. I am so thankful!! I love to see her at rest when she so desperately needs it!

Prayer Requests:

1. That she could have her tube changed tomorrow sooner rather then later πŸ™‚

2. That she would not catch a nasty bug here in the hospital.

3. That all the IV fluids wouldn’t cause her to retain too much fluid.

4. That she could be calm for the tube change and it would go well.

I talked to Kobe today. It was so much fun and he sounded like he was living the good life! πŸ™‚ I’m so thankful he has a good safe place to stay and that he is well cared for and loved while we are here!

Thank you all for your prayers!

3 thoughts on “Quiet Day At Dupont

  1. Prayers to you guys. I’ll be at DuPont tomorrow for our 17 year olds pre surgical appointment. Could you use anything? We made some bagged lunches to donate to Ronald McDonald house next month.


  2. Thanks Krista! I cant think of anything we need right at the moment. We have a room at the Ronald MacDonald house right now where my husband stays at night, so we are getting food there also. You can definitely stop by though, if you would like! We are on 3E room 2-B.


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