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After Kierra vomited at 4:30 this morning…again and cried uncontrollably and was totally miserable, I emailed our Good Doctor. He so kindly called me on a Saturday and we decided with all Kierras ‘glitches ‘–vomiting old blood, refluxing badly, lower heart rate when sleeping, cold sweets, and generally becoming more miserable, our best choice was to take her to Deleware where a wonderful group of Drs could work together to make her more comfortable.
We packed our bags and cleaned up the house and fueled up with gas and Coke and headed out, dropping Kobe off at his beloved. Merv’s House 🙂
6 Hours of sitting in the ER and now we are settled in our room. Kierra has cried most of the time if she isn’t sleeping. She is finally relaxing after plenty of Valium and giving her belly a break from her feeding. As long as she is on IV, she won’t dehydrate. Her afternoon was very traumatic with abdominal and chest xrays, labs, IV started, urine sample collected,and Kayexalate medication that gave her awful gas and a huge blowout but also brought her potassium levels down nicely.
They want to do an ultrasound on her abdomen to check for any other major blockages or obstruction in her bowels /intestines. Hopefully on Monday we can see the GI. DR.And perhaps get a feeding tube put in that bypasses her sensitive stomach.
Prayers for her comfort! Also that her electrolytes would continue heading in the right direction!
Now I will quickly post this before I get interrupted again! 🙂

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