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I never dreamed i would give my daughter injections. Mostly because I never knew anyone growing up who needed injections…except for the emergency eppiPen. ( and i seriously doubt that’s how to spell it but it looks more medical to spell it like that. HA!)

I grew up giving shots to cows and the occasional calf. I can still feel myself, muscles bunched and tense, ready for that quick fast stab that would pierce their tough skin and prepared at any moment to dodge their angry hoof.

This is picture is a little different. Alot different actually. We are talking about my little sweetheart here with unblemished little girl skin and tender flesh. We are talking a steady, quick hand that doesn’t jab or jerk.

When I heard they were starting her on Lovinox (my spelling? 🙂 injections, I nodded and said it’s fine and skipped right over that ‘a little longer then usual’ probing look from her Dr. It didn’t soak in that I would be the one administering it to my sweet daughter who can also be a moving target.

When I did realize my part in this twice a day prick, I just pushed it to the back of my mind in the ‘deal with you later’ category. Then the Dr. informed me I would need to learn to do this before discharge. I gamely smiled and said I was OK with that but I also added that I didn’t like it 🙂 Ha.

So there I was. And they handed me an orange and a couple of syringes and told me to have at it.


So I did. Over and over. I even made my orange jump around like a kicking child 🙂 until i was at least partially comfortable with it.

And just to assure you that this needle truly is nearly microscopically tiny 🙂


And for some reason, I actually was OK about it all. Maybe I’m just your typical imagining the worst mommy, but when I actually got down to business and DID it, it wasn’t so bad. A little like the breathing tube they had to put down her throat to sedate her last week. I was dreading it with all my heart, body, and spirit. But when it came to “Time”. i chose to stay and watch them. It wasn’t pretty or fun. But my daughter was sedated and didn’t feel it. Now I know how it’s done. And now  my imagination can quit doing crazy things to me. I’m not sure that I would ‘need’ or want to watch again because now I know.

So back to these injections….hopefully they won’t last forever. And it really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Maybe it was because she was sleeping and kept right on. Thank God!

God is giving me injections of grace every couple hours too… I think it’s because of the prayers of His children! Thank you!



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