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Kierra’s Third Birthday

h 209,jpg

Her favorite dress from Grandma Pollyanna in Honduras.

h 212

Her hair done up in a braid.

Our little baby  is growing into a ‘for real’ little girl. Kierra was full of smiles and coos today. She slept in late. Wouldn’t that make anyone full of smiles and coos! 🙂 Child Life is a service here at the hospital that provides toys and activities for children in the hospital. They brought a big poster to hang on her window, and two brightly wrapped gifts for her. Baby Einstien books and a Leap Pad. Kierra LOVES the leap Pad. She can activate the noise etc, without having to push or concentrate on hitting one specific button. Since her movements are very uncontrolled and random, it’s the perfect toy for her!

Later in the day, Sadie and Sierra came with more gifts and yummers! a Caramel Frappe for me 😉 Kierra told them stories and we all had a good time. The respiratory therapist that came by gave us a very educational run down on salt water versus pond water drowning and submersion. He was a professional scuba diver as well, so his water knowledge was amazing! Kierra got an extra long session of chest therapy during that visit. She loved it! And fell asleep when they were ready to leave.

h 220.jpg

Sierra hung out here with us until  Christene, Joanna, and Gina came, bringing Kobe, a huge box of gifts from church friends, strawberry cake, and supplies for a grand party! We got to go out on the terrace and enjoy the twilight. What a special birthday! They sure know how to cheer a hospital stay up ! 🙂

h 235.jpg

h 230.jpg

h 233.jpg

Kobe demolished two pieces of cake :)So our three year old Darling is the Queen of the day 🙂 Happy Birthday, Kierra! We love you!

h 224.jpg




5 thoughts on “Kierra’s Third Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl!! Your party looked amazing! I’m so glad you’ve got some wonderful friends and hospital staff. Tell your mom thanks for the updates…we think about you so much! Brooklyn says HI and keep getting better! We love you! Jenny


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