Special Kids

New Mercies

His mercies are new Every MORNING!

That’s the lovely text my kind friend sent me this morning. Great is HIS faithfulness! After our ‘scare’ yesterday with Kierra, I just especially LOVE that verse/song!

Kierra got very sick over night on Saturday night. Her heart rate was fast, she had a fever, she was working hard to breathe through lots of mucusy fluid. Listening to her chest with a stethoscope actually HURT your ears! She acted just like she does when she’s starting with pnemonia. Only this time, she was so extremely sleepy it was unreal. Her head lulled to the side when you picked her up and she flopped like a rag doll. Anyone who know Kierra , knows that this is totally abnormal! She didn’t TOUCH her oxygen canal and usually, we need to tape it on VERY WELL to keep it there!

They did a chest xray, put her on antibiotic and drew labs to check for any infection and also did a nasal wash to check for a viral infection.

Mark and Sadie brought lunch for us and stayed to visit awhile.They brought yummy sandwiches and the best blueberries ever! 🙂 Plus more including little prebagged cookies and popcorn, etc for Steve’s lunch. Totally thoughtful of them! Packing his own lunch is nonresistant  on Steve’s ‘things i like to do” list 🙂 although he doesn’tcomplain 🙂  We had a good couple of hours. Sadie and I bathed Kierra and did her hair and got her all spruced up 🙂





Kierra loves when Sadie comes! But today, she was so sleepy, she barely even smiled.

Thankfully, Praise God, her tests came back clear! One of the biggest culprets was an overdose of medication! Hmm…NOT good!!! One of the blood pressure meds has to be signed off by two nurses to ensure it’s the right amount etc. and somehow, it was still overdosed 😦 I was really glad they told us instead of just hiding the fact that someone goofed up! After they fixed that, she started coming around again. Opening her eyes, even making noises!!! And even if it took a long time for eyes to lose that drugged look, it was just good to see her responding again!



There’s a little coo and I love you!

Thankfully, the fluid started coming off her lungs with Lasix and she is breathing much easier and making happy noises again this morning. I’m guessing we will be in a few more days until they have her leveled out.

Maybe maybe Kobe will come tomorrow. I dreamed about his little arms around my neck and they wouldn’t let go. Bliss!

Thank you all for your prayers! Here’s wishing you ” the same Joy I (God) have and that your joy will be the fullest possible joy! ( John 15:11)

3 thoughts on “New Mercies

  1. I’m so, so happy she is better…nothing like a smile to totally give you a jolt of HOPE again!! I just stare at your pictures of her…she is so much like my precious little ones it’s amazing. You are loved!! Wish we could pop in and see you all…


  2. jenny, i know how i just can’t get enough of your little girl’s pictures too! 🙂 sometimes i just look at Courtney’s blog all over again. Kierra keeps improving. Yeah! 🙂


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