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Third Floor View

We have upgraded! And now we have a big bright room on the third floor of the A. I. Dupont Children’s Hospital! Wow! Aren’t we on the high rise ๐Ÿ˜‰ We can even watch the construction on the new hospital even though it’s very dead beings it’s July 4th weekend and all. Something about the sunshine and quiet of this room after the crazy dark noisy ICU Gave meย  Third Floor View Syndrome bawl as I will mention later.

As soon as we were out of ICU, Kierra went into a relaxed sleep and she has literally been sleeping ever since except when we moved her for her bath. and took her on a little walk.

more hospiota 019

She was so cuddly and clean and sweet after her bath I just wanted to cuddle her forever.

The findings of the MRV (similar to an MRI) showed some blood clots in her veins. They looked like old clots since they were beginning to calcify already which means there were other veins almost growing around the clots. They were also acting as a sort of sieve in the veins. The Dr.s gave us the option of trying to dislodge the clots. The procedure was plenty risky with no guarantee of success. Our good Dr. Strauss at The Clinic For Special Children gave us good advice and we decided to not go through the whole sedation and intubation process all over again, not to mention the vein procedure. They are giving her blood thinner to prevent more clots from forming and closely monitoring her BP meds. They want to watch her until at least Monday, then reevaluate her and decide if her levels are stableย  enough to send her home.

She has been so extremely sleepy today! A week with out sunshine has taken the beautiful sunkiss out of her face but she is still the sweetest girly ever ๐Ÿ™‚

more hospiota 001 more hospiota 011

We got to take her on a walk outside to a small enclosed court yard this afternoon. It was delightfully warm and the bubbling water sparkled in the afternoon light.

more hospiota 028 more hospiota 020

It’s so wonderful to have Steve here for the weekend! We went to the mall for a little while this morning. I had fun using a $10 reward card at Victoria’s Secret! Kierra slept the whole time we were gone.

So here was where that Third Floor Syndrome sneaked up on me. I should have been having a wonderful time…My Guy was here, We had a nice room, Kierra was out of PICU. But it seemed like the more blessed i got and the higher my blessings stacked up, the more I felt like grouching and crying.

It seemed so not fair to Kierra to leave her , lying pale and still in the hospital bed while we went out in the sunshine and rolled down the windows and opened the sunroof and cruised around town.ย  I had a good ‘bawl my eyes out’ , “I’m sick of this now’, ‘pity poor us’, ‘life is not fair’, ‘I’m tired of being brave’, ‘I miss Kobe’ cry before we came back.

Now I feel much better ๐Ÿ™‚ So to the female population out there….here’s wishing you a good cry to clear your brain if that’s what you need today! ๐Ÿ™‚

My husband reminded me of some key ingredients to happiness and joy.

#1. Let Go. Give it all to God and (#2) refuse to worry, and while you’re at it, (#3), relax! and quit holding yourself to imagined standards of what you think you should be ( you are free in Christ and nothing you DO can make you a ‘better person’ or get more credit scores in His eyes! and then,(#4) THINK HAPPY THOUGHTS.

So I know these are just scratching the surface of the Christain life, but the thing I’m holding onto today is that I AM FREE. I do not need to worry that I won’t be enough or that I need to try harder and get it together more. Although we can’t just ‘slide into heaven’ at the end of our days-

It’s because of the Great Love of My Father’s big tender strong heart that I’m going to sing and worship before Him some day! And RUN with my Sweetpea’s hand in mine!


5 thoughts on “Third Floor View

  1. My dear I commend you for facing everything n crying about it! Way to go! N now I know you are goin to be ok…. huggggggs!
    You are a very amazing wonderful mommy . .. Oh n that cup is suppose to have a cute little spoon through the handle! Guess what I found in the bottom of the suitcase when we got home??? Lol guess I’ll have to mail it! Kiss Sierra good night do me and wow I’m glad you have a nice bright room and can take her outside a bit!
    And while we are doin this whole honest thing I have to admit I’m still kinda grieving the whole way our trip turned out still… maybe I just need a good cry! Lol
    Ok, night night… hope you get a good sleep!


  2. Anita, as I lay here trying to sleep at 12:30 am, I can’t stop thinking about you, Kierra and the rest of your family. I saw your blog on Facebook, since you are friends with Mark now. I went back and read every post. I feel like I could have a nice long cry.
    I love Kierra so much, I feel an ache in my chest and I can’t imagine how much more you love her…
    Honestly, I feel privileged to know you, and I praise God for giving me the gift of your daughter in my life. There is so much I can learn from Kierra. And from you for that matter. Thanks for being raw. Thanks for being honest. Thanks for being my friend, even though sometimes I know you want nothing more than to be back home again. (Montana)
    Keep putting one foot in front of the other. You are inspiring so many people.
    If you ever need anything, I am a phone call away.
    Love ya, Sadie


  3. Thanks all you guys! It’s a little scary for me to lay my heart out ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for caring and loving and supporting me ๐Ÿ™‚ And for loving our sweet Kierra just the way she is :)!!


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