Special Kids

His Mercies


“When everything falls apart

His love catches me.”

And thank Him! Not everything has fallen apart!

I was feeling a bit ‘on the verge’ today a few times and had to firmly tell myself to be brave and envision all the prayers lifting to heaven for us and think of all the brave folks I have met in life that have faced difficulties with their heads up and hung onto the promise of our Jesus…’I will guide Thee with My eye..”

This morning, Kierra’s blood pressure was still scandalously high. She wasn’t responding well to any medication on the general floor, so she was transferred to PICU. They can treat her more aggressively here and monitor her more closely.


She actually didn’t look too bad but her numbers were wayyy up there. After trying to put her on a Vapor oxygen and having her get so worked up she nearly choked, they decided to let her breathe room air since she was staying above 90. She had alot of noisy airway breaths that sounded bad more then actually being harmful.

Around 9:30, OR came over and wheeled her away for her PIC line and scope. I got the kind nurse to take a picture of us before she was traumatized and sedated.


I did some laundry, made phone calls, and visited the cafeteria while she was in the OR. It was a lovely part of the day outside so I took advantage of the sunshine and water fountain in the courtyard.Finally finally, she was done, and I hurried back to the room to my little sweet heart.

Her airways were sounding a little tight so they inserted a tube like thingy down one nostril and put a collar round her neck to open them wider. It wasn’t pretty, but it did the job.

032 033

She started gagging at one time and her oxygen levels started dropping and the nurse grabbed the oxygen and  bag to help her breath and my heart started shattering with fear. Thank God, she came around on her own after a few minutes. I was pretty shaken and kept a hawks eye on her and the monitors.

Her test results have been fairly good so far. No pneumonia at this point and her heart looked good and she DOES NOT have any sign of ulcers. That was a huge surprise, and while I’m glad she doesn’t, I also am wondering why she has had such discomfort and a little bleeding. The bleeding could be a slight irritation from meds or a virus. I hope that is the case.

She is resting well now, after her little bed bath.


The plan for her now is to try to get her blood pressure lower and stable. I’m so thankful she has a PIC line which makes labs SO MUCH EASIER!!!!!

We are still in ICU but after she is more stabilized in her b.p. we will most likely be moved to the general floor. It’s nice to have our own room!And generally a quieter night, then upstairs. The kitchen and coffee pot are just across the hallway, so I’m set up 🙂 Except if my little girly sleeps, I think i will stretch out as well…

My whole day was blessed by the kind friend who took food to our house! And last night, another thoughtful lady sent supper with Steve. We are so blessed!

Thanks for all your prayers! Please keep praying.


2 thoughts on “His Mercies

  1. Hope you can get some sleep, friend! You ARE a very brave mama–and Kierra is a lucky little lady to be your treasure! Thanks for letting the rest of us see God’s grace shine through you!


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