Special Kids

Hospital Day 7

hospital 003

Kierra was so thrilled to see her Daddy and brother over the weekend! Unfortunately, all my pictures of the weekend are on Steve’s laptop, so maybe I will post more later to give you a peek into our room πŸ™‚

We had a great time with friends from Montana also! Meghan and her little family were here on Sunday before heading to Baltimore Sunday evening. I still have no idea what God had in mind πŸ™‚ We had been looking forward to their visit for months since we never got to even give a proper good bye in Montana last year. Having friends pack up friends belongings and ship their life in boxes across the country feels more like death then ‘so long’…’see you later’… So we had been looking forward to our kiddos playing together, we ladies shopping, and reconnecting and i couldn’t wait to see their new little Kia! Didn’t we deserve a nice quiet low stress time together? It just didn’t really make sense. But if life would always make sense, we would have a pretty bland, predictive, mediocre ,faithless world.

So we enjoyed the moments we had together. Kierra was drowsier and a little more uncomfortable then I hoped she would be, but she woke up enough to show her eyes and enjoy the visitors. Kobe loved playing with Jas and Rach and ‘baby’ πŸ™‚ as her called Kia.

It was a wonderful refreshing weekend and i feel like I have fresh courage for the week. Steve took off Monday also since they planned to do an MRA on Kierra which would require sedation again. I wasn’t feeling brave enough to go through that again with out him here,so he kindly took off. Of course, the plan changed then, and she only had to have a CT scan which required a few minutes of holding still versus a few hours!

My Dad and Mom stopped in for a few hours on their way home from a business trip to Lancaster. Mom stopped at our house and picked up more clothes for Kobe and cleaned out our fridge while Dad washed up the dishes πŸ™‚ Bless them! They took Kobe with them to MD for a few days until we get a better idea of how long Kierra needs to be here. He was very happy to get out of this hospital and get away from the constant No Nos πŸ™‚ Healthy one year olds and small hospital rooms do not mix well! So although I miss him so much, I’m glad he can run and play to his hearts content!

Kierra’s CT scan came back looking fairly well. They had a bunchΒ  of different techs look at it and now they plan to schedule for an MRA tomorrow to get a better look at what is going on and if the kidneys could be effecting her high blood pressure. She has not been responding to her medications as well as they thought she would at all. Typical fiesty Kierra πŸ™‚ She likes pick Drs brains alot πŸ™‚ Today, they put her on a constant IV drip to help lower the numbers and so far they look much better although still not perfect. It takes several days for many of these blood pressure meds to actually start working in her system so when they hopefully start taking hold, she can come off the IV drip. We are still in ICU and plan to be until they get her levels under better control.Thankfully, we have been blessed with great Drs and nurses! That means the world!

Thank you all for your prayers!



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