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Hello Hospital

Sitting in the dark hospital room, listening to Kierra breathe, Enya playing softly, bubbling oxygen water and the night squeaks outside in the corridor.
this was not how we planned our weekend at all! Our good friends, Kenton andMeghen from MT. planned to be at our house a few days surrounding a wedding in Mifflinburg. I was looking forward to this for months! And we had shopping and coffee and a family photo shoot planned since Meghen so kindly offered to use her fun wonderful talent on our little family.
Amazing. The plans God has. And how totally different they are from our best expectations!
Kentons got delayed flying and didnt arrive untill about 24 HR LATER!
and we ended our day in the hospital with Kierra.
She’s still got us puzzled since her blood pressure is rediculously high even on meds. Last night they planned to move her to PICU but it started coming down again. She has good color and is still happy and irritable. By spells, which is typical.
Yesterday they did an ultrasound on her kidneys and an Echo on her heart. Now today they plan to do a belly scope to try to find the cause of the blood we’ve been catching glimpses of. She will have to be put to sleep so pray that all goes well! And that her blood pressure would go down and that the cause of it being high could be found!
Thankyou all! We feel God with us!

3 thoughts on “Hello Hospital

  1. Hello, I don’t think I know you and you don’t know me, but handicapped children and their families have a special place in my heart. Just stopped by to say hi! Praying for you! Praying that you would feel God’s blessings and love on you in the midst of this!


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