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Mommy’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! What is better then watching the gentle sun transforming dewy green to soft hues of spring? And sipping Blueberry Bliss Tea in an old Currier and Ives tea cup? (especially after a night of  juggling between bed and crib! Thankfully, Steve stumbled through the dark a few times for me!)

In our scouting through yardsales the other week, I found this fat little tea pot for 75 cents! I planned to  brew loose leaf tea with no mess or worries. So when Steve walked in the other day with the most delightful Teavanna bag, I was wild with joy!  Every time I go to The Park City Mall, I stop by Teavanna to sample their aromatic brews and dream of fine cups in my house. Now my dreams were handed right to me in .  MMMM! Let the sipping begin.


We found some Bay in Deleware today. It was a perfectly lovely day with my favorite people. I am so blessed!

Kobe showing Steve his dandelions…


My two little punkins. Kobe picked some of his favorite dandelions for Kierra’s hair…


My little girl that taught me more about mothering and love then I knew was possible… and still teaches me every day.


The two guys that God has blessed me with who keep me laughing and love me even when i get REALLY Mama BEARISH.


Mother’s Day is not at all what I expected it to be years ago.

#1. i don’t have it all figured out.

#2. it’s WAY more complex then it looks!

#3.  i still feel like a kid 🙂

#4. my family loves me and keeps pouring on the hugs and patience through it all.

#5. i think about  Mary (Jesus’ mother)

#6. i am Nothing without my Heavenly Father…(that part i think i knew…but somehow, being a mother made it all really real for me)

Have you had surprises being a mother?

And a great big hug and prayer for all those who long to be, and are not mothers today!! I think there should be a Lady’s Day also. It would rank right up there beside Mother’s Day!

6 thoughts on “Mommy’s Day

  1. Have I had surprises? Yes, indeed! The thing is, you don’t ever quite feel prepared for them. 🙂 Lovely photos! It was such a beautifully sunny day! (I am holding my breath for fear your cute little teapot will fall off the edge of that stand!)


  2. Happy Mother’s Day, my dear! Lovely day, sweet photos, cute kiddos, and so much love! So happy for you!!

    Wish so bad we could just get together and feel like kids still while we mother our own kiddos! 😉 I can so identify with what you wrote… I so don’t have anything figured out yet but one thing I know God does and He hands us the right tools as we need them!

    Love you so much! (Enjoy that tea! )


  3. Wow Anita, that is very well written and your pictures are beautiful! Life is all about the little things, like dandelions. I think of you often.


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