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Modern Art and Fingerpaints

We had so much fun the other day! I found a simple recipe for water color paint that Kobe quickly turned into finger paint. We simply mixed these ingredients together, and spread out the layers of newspaper and nice heavy acrylic painting paper…


3 tsp. corn syrup

6 T. cornstarch

6 T. baking soda

6 T. white vinegar

food coloring.

I mixed all the ingredients together, then divided it into muffin tins before adding the foods coloring. I was afraid the food coloring would stain the kids, but it washed off very well. This makes quite a bit of paint. I think I will stick with half batch next time!

ImageKobe was totally thrilled to be shirtless and artsy. Before i knew it, he was diggin in with his hands, watching the drips…

Imageand rubbing them in..

ImageI helped Kierra paint her masterpiece. She loved it..for a bit:)

ImageThen Kobe got to slinging paint and sampling it..and spitting 🙂


ImageSo we wrapped up our fun little time, dumped the muddied paint colors down the drain, and headed for the shower.

Super simple. Super fun.

(they  made their own Mother’s Day gift without even realizing it:)

2 thoughts on “Modern Art and Fingerpaints

  1. I love this!! Liam loves to paint and I have all normal, grown up paint so every time I get edgy because I’m afraid it’s going to end up everywhere I don’t want it too. Did this stain the furniture or wipe off? I’m assuming it wiped off since the food color was diluted. And just so you know, I pinned this so I’d remember it. 😉 Sweet, sweet picture of Kierra and that Kobe man of yours is just as cute as ever! Happy Mothers Day!


    1. It wiped right off my table and stone wall 🙂 and didn’t stain Kobe’s diaper cover either…winner all the way around for me! It works best to keep it stirred since the cornstarch seems to settle to the bottom. Good stirring skill builder 🙂


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