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Oh No! Ulcer Issues :(



Kierra has been so uncomfortable this week. She sobs and cries and writhes. It got so bad, she wouldn’t sleep in her crib anymore. She would toss and flail until she got stuck in the crib slats, or scooted to the bottom of her crib and got tangled.  So we resorted to the Big Daddy Recliner 🙂 She loves it so much, I think we will need to get her a small one all for herself!


(Any suggestions on what kind to get? 🙂

Nothing seemed to help her and I was getting VERY concerned! Then on Thursday, she gagged and I was even more concerned  to see brown mucus! Another call to the Dr. got me in to have her checked out on Friday. Sure enough, she had blood in her little belly, which is likely caused by an ulcer.

No wonder she was so uncomfortable! We made up a plan for her feeding, put her on a new medication, Carafate, to coat her intestines and hopefully help with the discomfort! Of course they took ran labs also, to check for infections and other med levels.

So now, we are trying to balance getting all her feeding into her that she needs in 24 hrs, and giving her the Carafate on an empty stomach, and a few hours apart from her reflux meds. Amazing how complicated something so simple like feeding can get!


I made up a chart of times and meds and feedings so Steve and I wouldn’t get confused. (Thank God, he has a three day weekend this week!)

Today she is doing quite a bit better, although she still had a low fever.

We were planning to leave for Honduras in two weeks to visit Steve’s parents. We haven’t seen them in over a year, and it’s high time to get Kobe acquainted with them 🙂

The Dr. put her on this regimen for two weeks and says we will see how she’s doing by then, to decide what to do next…

Have any of you experienced stomach ulers? I have no idea what kind of pain she is feeling and how to comfort her…besides loving her up!

Please join us in praying for her healing!

Wishing you all a blessed Sunday!


2 thoughts on “Oh No! Ulcer Issues :(

  1. Oh The Poor Dear!!I Don’t Know To Much About Stomach Ulcers,But I’vE Had Lots Of Stomach Cramps In My Life.She Looks So Comfy And Cute On The Recliner.Praying That She’ll Be Better Soon And That You Will Have A Great Trip.Sorry About All The Capitals,My Phones Acting Crazy=)


  2. Oh Anita! I just read this after emailing you. Yes, Courtney had the same issue. It would flair up periodically, we would put her on carafate, and she would get better again. It was very scary to see that coffee-ground looking stuff to come up! Your chart is great…you are doing an amazing job as Kierra’s mommy. I pray God will give you the strength you need right.now. You are loved.

    PS. And she is so cuddly and adorable, I just want to love on her for a while!


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