Healing Heart

When ‘Dead’ is Alive


Perhaps it describes the feeling of our hearts better then then the breath that escaped the human body.

Because as a kind man once told me….we are still in ‘the dream’. And if we are still in the dream, then our loved ones who have gone to Heaven…..they ARE LIVING the dream!


I let this truth sink DEEP into me….God is still the GOD of Abraham because He is the God of the LIVING. And if Abraham is actually LIVING in Heaven after all these years, then I know my Kierra is also. (Scripture coming up)

Perhaps it is rather strange to you that this would be such a vital life line to me. While I have known for two years that Kierra is with Jesus, I was still a bit fearful that she would not be truly ‘Alive’. I guess that’s what happens when you cannot touch your child’s soft cheek, or stroke their silky hair, or watch the rise and fall of their chest, or hear them laugh. It is really really hard to believe that they are truly ALIVE. Your heart may believe but your brain has a really hard time following.

Matthew 22. Just listen…. Have you not read what was spoken to you by God? I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob. He is not the God of the DEAD but of the LIVING.

(Capitalization mine)

I read this verse over and over thinking that since Abraham died, then who IS God saying He is the God of? It struck me deep….this was about resurrection. I can be assured that our little girl is truly ALIVE.

The very thought of it thrills me all over again. I embrace it close to my heart and hang onto that joyful hope that I will see her and hold her and hear her voice again! Because she is TRULY MORE ALIVE. Then Me.

If your loved one has left for Heaven a bit earlier then you…just know that they are ALIVE! And you have nothing to fear when you are serving our Father God! He is their God as well as yours and that makes Heaven seem not quite so far away.

3 thoughts on “When ‘Dead’ is Alive

  1. Awww Anita, I love this post. (I always like your writing, but I seldom comment.) It’s so true that our loved ones in heaven are “living the dream”. Looking forward to that glorious day when we’ll all be HOME! ~Ellie


  2. I love this sentence: (Because she is TRULY MORE ALIVE. Then Me.) I too have wondered, questioned is Jennie really living, really alive? Oh my, I connect too well to what you wrote. Thanks you so much for putting your thoughts, feelings into words and sharing them. May you be aware of our Father in your journey. I care about and love you. RoseAnn


  3. I’m thinking about how “We’re still in the dream.” That’s so profound!
    That explains my disappointment, my unmet longings, etc. Someday I get to actually LIVE the dream. Oh, hallelujah!
    Thanks for sharing this dear friend. Love you!


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