Healing Heart


Its my word right now. Likely all through the year. A goal I want to keep in front of me in this crazy fast paced world where my mind is left looping endlessly after futile.
Rest. Secure in the presence of God.Recently I was in a very stressful situation. And feeling super anxious. I     whispered little prayers to God and knew in my mind He really wasn’t going to let me alone for one moment. But I still wasn’t totally at ease.
Suddenly, a picture flashed across the screen of my mind. A muted tone image of strong hands cradling a heart. It gave me courage to face my fear. To know that if my Father can hold the whole world in His hands, my heart won’t be any problem at all for Him to cradle.

I am a genius at stirring up ideas and life altering plans in my brain. Sometimes I’m so weary from thinking along so many Intertwining trails. I get lost in the adventure And before I realize what is happening I’m laying wake at night with the OFF switch to my brain shorted out.

Its good to have goals and ideas and dream big….but when my dreams are all about me and what I can do in 50 eleven different areas in life it all becomes a bit overwhelming.

Because if  I’d do what I dream of..

I would take in homeless neglected children.
I would volunteer at the rescue mission
I would be an advocate at the preganacy crisis center.
I would  care for medically fragile children.
I would workout everyday and enjoy it.
I would paint a masterpiece or even a scene that resembles life and someone other me would see beauty in it.
I would learn a new language.
I would become a pediatric nurse.
I would write a book.
I would enjoy every minute of every day with my husband and 4 year old.

In all the good and noble and worthy that is rolling around in my brain ….there stands the reality that if I do not first rest in God and gain His true genuine Love….then all these things are worthless…(1 Cor. 13 )

So I will take a step Into the arms of my Father. I will rest And wait on Him and His leading. I will do the most important Thing on my list….I  will love love love my husband and my son. Every day. They are a gift to me straight from the heart of God!
I will also dream of opening my arms and watching our Kierra run Into them…someday.

The rest of life will fall in place.

I want to rest. At peace. And let God fill me so full….that His rest spills over to other weary souls.

4 thoughts on “Rest

  1. I totally get the part about all the things I would like to do, and then there are the things I am called to do. It’s hard to imagine no bucket lists in heaven, because of how much of life here involves waiting. Rest to you, friend!


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