Kobe Misses Her.

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We miss her so much. Those precious little hands. I turned to look for her today, to check if she was OK. And she wasn’t there. My heart feels like it had a dose of immunizations. It is so incredibly sad. But it just keeps beating and life just keeps going on.ImageGoodbye Kiss.

He misses her so badly. Today, especially, he is so sad and wants to be held and cuddled and read to much more than usual. He cries about the tiniest things. ImageAnd stares out the window.

ImageTheir hand prints will always be side by side in our hearts…even if Kierra’s are in Heaven.

ImageWe got a few smiles out of him today. His cousins came by this morning before leaving for Montana and he laughed hysterically over bubbles.

ImageThey sat on his beanbag with him and kept him company.

Because he misses this…


Then Rocky came to play awhile.


And these two lovely ladies drank coffee with me and did pedicures and talked and sat and were so kind.


We survived our first day after the funeral. That is a milestone! Thank you for all of you for your prayers and love and kindness! I slept better last night then I have in a very long time. That is a miracle.

Please pray especially for Kobe. It hurts to see his sad eyes. I know God will help him through this too! Because He LOVES the children!

13 thoughts on “Kobe Misses Her.

  1. Prayers and hugs. Even though we only met through a hospital curtain as we comforted our little girls this is still heart wrenching news. I know Kobe will get through this with his loving parents and God to guide him. If there is anything that a stranger can do just let us know were are only about an hour away. For now, we pray.


  2. Anita, When we are weak He truly has made you strong. Thankyou for sharing your most tender, heartfelt thoughts. God bless you and draw everso near in the coming days, weeks and months…And now Kierra is more apart of your future than your past. Thankyou Jesus for your promises. Love in Christ, Nancy


  3. Kierra is now a step ahead of the rest of us. We shall all follow her very soon. What a joyous reunion we all have to look forward to, when we meet our loved ones who have gone ahead of us! May you feel surrounded with the love of Christ today, and the days to come!


  4. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all so very much! Praying for The Lord’s strength and comfort to be with you through this time.. Love, Joe & Sara


  5. We have been thinking about you and your family a lot, Anita. We so badly wanted to be there for you on Sunday, but we were there in spirit. May Gods grace see you through this very difficult time. What a feeling of joy Kierra must be having, leaping and praising , and singing around the throne right now. May God Bless you in the coming days and weeks.


  6. a time to weep and a time to laugh,
    a time to mourn and a time to dance
    eccl 3:4
    praying that you will find time for weeping and mourning mixed with time for laughing and dancing
    know that Kierra has moved on to only laughter, dancing, running, praising, and worship that can’t be described!!!


  7. Dear Anita..I had to cry with you when i read your blog!!!! My heart hurts with you as i try to imagine how different your life is going to be and i can only imagine how Kobe misses his sister. My two little ones are only 21 months apart and can’t imagine what one would do without the other. But the comforting thot that she now has a completely new body and is in a better place even tho’ the parting is hard …May God’s loving hand continue to comfort your hearts…


  8. I don’t know you, but I read your story about Kierra in “Sip of LIfe” and I am a sister-in-law to Hannah Glick, who I think you might know. I am so sorry for your loss of Kierra. I cannot imagine what it would be like to lose a little daughter after spending so much and yet not near enough time with her. We recently buried our own little girl as the result of a stillbirth. Someone sent us the following link and it really touched my heart and caused the tears to flow and I hope it can bless and comfort you in some small way. May God give you the grace and strength to continue through this dark valley one day at a time.


  9. Anita, this made my heart ache for you!!! I’ve been wondering how Kobe is doing. He misses her so much, and at his age you can only explain things so well. I know all your love and cuddles will help him, though. The picture of him on the bean bag with his cousins compared to being on the bean bag with Kierra broke my heart. I’m praying you feel so much grace…and I can see by your smile that even though this is so very, very hard you do know God’s grace.


  10. Thanks so much , for your kind words! i can’t tell you how uplifting they are. From the shortest little line to the video clip of that darling song. THANKYOU!!! I can feel the support and care through the satellite waves 😉 God bless each of you. ❤


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