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The Last Summer Fling

We discovered a lovely huge park in Lancaster City the other day. Since Autumn keeps steadily creeping in, we wanted to go on a little family picnic. It was a perfect day to be out. We took a walk through a small wooded area, then relaxed at the picnic tables, and ate “Our First” –apple wood pulled pork sub– from Subway. I saw that commercial a few times too often in the hospital and just HAD to try one πŸ™‚ It IS VERY GOOD!!!

Kierra was feeling so sunny and happy. I can’t get enough of her smiles and sparkling eyes!!!!! Even if she wiggles so much her oxygen is constantly going crooked or coming off and her cheeks get too sore to tape up all the time .I was afraid she would never feel this well again. Now LOOK AT HER!!! God is SO MERCIFULLY GOOD!

septmeber park 030

She LOVES when you nuzzle her cheek and give her kisses. She closes her eyes and snuggles into your neck and makes the most adorable sounds ever πŸ™‚

septmeber park 051

Kobe was so happy to have lots of space to run and bubbles to blow and Daddy to play with.

septmeber park 056

septmeber park 060 septmeber park 072

He wasn’t in the mood to pose with Kierra but he DID want to push her πŸ™‚ Their love reaches around the words and ‘impossibles’ in life…right down into their hearts. Isn’t that the kind of love we should all have for others!

Then I caught her in a wave. And my heart melted all over again πŸ™‚

septmeber park 076#2


A special prayer request for our little Wild flower. Steve and Kobe both had a really ugly Β cold this week. We tried to keep Kierra away from the germs but there’s only so much you can do in a small house:) So would you mind saying a prayer that she would stay healthy? She would say “Thank you” if she could πŸ™‚ And I WILL say “Thankyou!!”


3 thoughts on “The Last Summer Fling

  1. Ok…I am totally smitten. Erv just walked by the computer and said, “She is soo cute!” That picture of her smiling…you really need to blow that one up and frame it, it’s amazing…and I know just how hard it can be to get a good pic, where the eyes are open, the mouth is smiling, the hands are down, and everything else in place. πŸ™‚ But the imperfect photos are just as precious, when it shows life as it is. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing the cuteness!

    PS. your little guy is a heartthrob too!

    PSS. and we will pray about her health!


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