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Tupperware Beyond My Dreams

Literally. I never in my lie dreamed I would have so much Tupperware or that my pantry be more organized the any other spot in my house. When Rachel posted that she was having a Tupperware book party for me, I was excited 🙂 I figured I would get a few nice pieces. Like maybe MAYBE ten things. 

I have never been to Tupperware Party before although I knew they had wonderfully life time quality products. Maybe it had something to do with living in Montana where any money you make is spent on keeping food on the table, elk in the freezer, and the heater running in your car. Yeah… I know. That makes Montana sound a bit hickish when it’s actually one of the most wonderful beautiful places God created on this planet!

When Rachel told me to make a list of things I could use or wanted, I didn’t know where to start since I only had a few pieces and a canister set my sister got me for my last birthday. I decided to dream big and literally made a wish/need/would be nice to have / list. I had just found mice in our big huge old pantry. I’m guessing this was never intended for a pantry but more for a closet since there are no closets in our house. It dates back to the 1700s. Did they even have hangers back then?

So here is a before shot of my pantry. It suffered over the summer since it was rather neglected while we kept the hospital rooms from getting lonely.



i was totally amazed. There are no words to describe the feelings when Rachel brought in 4 BIG HUGE boxes of Tupperware! This was the result…..





I can actually walk to my cabinet, and pick up exactly what I need without emptying half of it to find the bag in the far rear and discover it’s been the mouses’s favorite new crush. Then, I got all these fun gadgets…like little containers and a salad spinner and just SO MANY WONDERFUL things!! I have knives that ACTUALLY CUT now!!!




I think the most beautiful thing of all is the love and generosity that overwhelms me whenever I use my things. I did NOTHING to receive all these wonderful pieces. The kindness of friends reaches out and overwhelms me and wraps me in a hug when I roll out dough on the pastry mat or decorate a cake or toss salad . All I can say is THANKYOU!!!!! I hope I can pass on the kindness and love poured out on our lives to others! God bless each of you….And God bless each of you that prays for us. I now how it is not to have the funds available to give ‘expensive’ things to people. Then I try to remember that the POWER of prayer is even stronger and better then any thing money can buy or express. 





Now hopefully there won’t be anymore of these to throw out 🙂 and no more chewed open chocolate chip bags 🙂




One more thing 🙂 Don’t you LOVE the old, green pantry doors!!? Rachel had a brilliant idea. 

Paint inside of doors with chalkboard paint.

Chalk up your grocery list as you run low on things.

Shoot a pic with your phone.

Go shopping 🙂  (and you won’t forget your list if you don’t forget your phone 🙂



2 thoughts on “Tupperware Beyond My Dreams

  1. so FABULOUS! What a gift–friends who care in practical ways and leave you with visual reminders that you are not alone!

    And somehow the burlap/auction post didn’t show up in my inbox, but I adore the placemats, and wow!! that auction looked huge and amazing.

    Love you girl!


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