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Wet and Rainy Dayyeeoo

Raindrops. A million of them pinging into the wide creek across the green.  And inside, the brightness of spring flowers

March 2013 095

…and LOVE flowers…from the Love of my life…

March 2013 059


March 2013 065


24 lovely, pure, heady scented roses! I think turning 28 is going to be OK after all.

One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp in the mail from a very dear friend that knew I was longing for the book 🙂 if you haven’t read it yet, it is totally worth your while!!!

And a package of biscotti from another thoughtful friend! How could March get better?

March 2013 111


Then there’s this hyper little guy that is amazed every day at the littlest things…

like fresh bread

March 2013 021


new shoots…

March 2013 086


spring sunshine…

March 2013 076


the Big Creek close by…

March 2013 093


and walking with Daddy…

March 2013 087


and there’s this sweet Big Sister that likes to color…

March 2013 104

and sit tall on Daddy’s lap

March 2013 051


and snuggle with Aunt Karen…

March 2013 034


Jason and Karen come to PA once a month on a jam delivery. It’s the highlight of the month for me! Getting to spend time with my sister is like an energy booster. Especially with her cute little Lauren that keeps Kobe entertained.

March 2013 043


We taught them how to play Ring Around The Rosy 🙂

And did their hair all kooky

March 2013 039


And made doughnuts and just had fun together.

Kierra is getting better slowly but surely. Her last Dr. visit wasn’t as encouraging as I had hoped. She had pneumonia again. She still needs oxygen, and he said it is very likely she will always need a small amount ,especially when she sleeps. We are still hoping she will be able to be come off of it this summer. On the other hand, we need to face it realistically ….Real life is clumsy oxygen tanks and tape on sweet cheeks and nasal canulas that rub her nose and drive her crazy at intervals. It’s always ‘pulling a hose’ along with her and tape that catches hair and keeping the filters clean on her oxygen machine.

BUT!  Her fever is gone, and I keep reminding myself that spring is just around the corner and surely then, she will feel better.

Life is like these doves.

They have these warm fuzzy moments…

March 2013 006

and these not so warm, time out moments…


March 2013 011

only to return the next day to do some more necking outside my kitchen window…

March 2013 005

Happy March to you!


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