Special Kids

Gaze. Up.



feb. 2013 019


She sleeps so peacefully in her crib…her body relaxed and still. drinking in the beauty of SLEEP!

Then her brother comes full throttle at her with his aggressive loving hugs, and she smiles and coos and tries to wiggle away.

feb. 2013 042

The sun shines so gently through the window, turning her hair golden and kissing her gently.



feb. 2013 045

her gaze to Heaven melts God’s heart…..

feb. 2013 047

and i wonder if i gaze with such abandonment and trust into His face as well.

The answer is…Not nearly all the time! i get too confused with all the distractions around me, and am ashamed to lift my poor human head to my Creator and Friend…

It’s then that his unconditional Love and Grace reaches out so wholly and covers me. And gives me reason to Hope again. And open my pathetic hand bag of  failures and fears.  insecurities and broken pieces…and let Him give Hope and Joy…..


feb. 2013 048

(that’s what he longs for us…Joyful  Complete   Trust)


Then I can get back to being a mommy again 🙂

feb. 2013 054-crop

A preschool Sunday School class sent kierra some money from their offerings. Among other things, we got her some glitter glue sticks and that nice soft blanket in these pictures. Her baby blankets are getting pretty insufficient.

She loved making cards and drawing pictures! her grin was so purely thrilled when i showed her the finished product and told her what a good job she did.

feb. 2013 058-crop feb. 2013 074


dare to look into the face of God today…Smile…and feel His love!

feb. 2013 036

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