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jan 2013 075

The sunshine has returned in the sky…and in our house! Kierra is feeling MUCH better! It is so wonderful to hear her making all her favorite happy noises. She even had a giggling spell this morning.

Her kidney function seems to be a little BETTER then it was at one time! Praise the Lord! Her swelling has gone down quite a bit and we are totally enjoying our Sweetheart.

jan 2013 030

jan 2013 066     jan 2013 080

The other day, we made a yummy strawberry cake. Kobe thought is was the most wonderful adventure EVER…floury hands, strawberries to pour…mini marshmallows to sneak into the mixing bowel. Kierra sat by and watched and enjoyed kicking back and letting us do all the stirring and mess making.

jan 2013 011


Thank you for your prayers!

Sunshine to your day!


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