Special Kids

Hello January

Our Wild flower child….

Just as the subtle fragrance

and the strong vibrance

of the wildflower..

reaching for the sun,

waiting for the rain.

So you entered our lives.

face turned upward,

lovely. delicate.

but feisty against all odds.

shedding your gentle

life altering fragrance over our hearts.

Image     Image


Hello Friends…Since Xanga and I seemed to be clashing more often then was necessary  I decided to try a new blog space….So we hope for the best. (Which would be that i would be smart enough to master WordPress. LOL!)

January came with a sigh of relief to me! I was tired of last year 🙂 and all the changes it brought us.

Then on new Years Day, I was afraid of 2013. It looked like a dreadful monster, waiting to pounce, wanting to wreak havoc in my life. What an AWFUL way to start a year!

After some conversations with my long suffering husband, some honest chats with God, and ..tears, I came to a sense of Peace.

God is already in our tomorrow.  Just as when we expect guests, we prepare for them, so God is preparing for us. When we get there, we will have EVERYTHING we need!

Kierra had pnemonia in November of last year. She recovered, except for needing oxygen around the clock. That isn’t a problem, but her little face does get sore from the tubing, especially since she rubs it in frustration. We have taped it on, which seems to help, but then her cheeks get tape sores. She’s doing well with it right now, which we are so thankful for!


Two weeks ago, I got a very bad virus from Kobe 🙂 Awful aches and a dead head weight in my sinuses. Kierra seemed to catch at least a touch of it. I had her to the Dr. because of a fever, and breathing very rapidly and hard. They suspected pneumonia again, so we got her started on antibiotic, and turned up her O2. She slept most of this week, believe it or not.


I love when she can relax and not fuss, but sleeping so much isn’t too healthy either. She is retaining fluid again from her kidneys not functioning properly. Any virus that attacks her body also seems to make her kidneys a little more sluggish for awhile.

Her lab work on Friday did not show any critical levels, although she still seems to be extra puffy and not losing weight the way I was hoping with her raised levels of Lasix. Pray that she could improve and be able to open her eyes, enjoy life, and show us her lovely smile again.

The past two months have shown an amazing change in her! her personality is slowly emerging and we have so much fun hearing her ‘talk’ to us. She smiles and coos and acts so grownup.


She loved her cousin’s visits when we were in TN over Christmas. it was such a gift from God to have her healthy enough to travel. She did better then i ever expected!

Kobe loves playing with her. he tries to imitate the therapists and stick toys in her mouth. He tries to take her temperature and play peekaboo and gives her kisses. She loves the attention when she’s feeling well.


Kobe got to make his first snowman recently. he was so amazed to play in the snow and cried brokenheartedly when he had to come in.



and one last shot….just to remind us that our God who is so much bigger and stronger then any circumstance has us cradled safely in His arms…


One thought on “Hello January

  1. I am honored to leave the first comment on your brand new blog! I have used wordpress for a little while, and find it isn’t so hard to figure out. I love the poem you started with, and the pics of your sweet babies. Blessings today!


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