Nature Awakens You

The Colors Of Joy

There is new life all around us. Nature bursting at the seams with birdsong and lilacs and green grass and fruit blossoms. Shy buds opening slowly, unfurling tender blooms. 

Tiny herbs lifting fragrant savory green heads toward the sunshine.

And a table for two that My Love surprised me with for Mother’s Day.

True beauty is not having everything perfect but seeing past the imperfections to the blessings tucked into the bursting life that transforms the brown. It’s in loving the joy tucked into corners of life. Welcoming  happiness into your front door.

Painting by the River with your paint loving son.

And although you have no idea what you are doing with the water colors, the beautiful mess they make is joy in itself. And you feel like an artist.

Real joy is sitting quietly watching these two together.

And somehow, I eke up joy in thinking of Kierra’s joy in Heaven. Not the giddy funny type of joy. Not a joy most people recognize as joy. Just a deep deep feeling that mingles with saddens and loneliness and comes out in pure white peace.

I wish you a blessed Spring!

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