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To the Doctor

So off we go.

Another trip to Deleware in the works. I need a ‘sauvey’ smart believable tongue today. LOL!!

Kierra has been having so many Gtube issues lately. There’s also the excessive fluid pooling around her eyes and in her belly and hands and thighs. The low grade fevers that come and go. The vomiting and gagging over meds or just because, the lower heartrate and oxygen levels. The extremely high respirations that creep down low when she sleeps. She has been swinging all over the charts and every time we make a grab for the solid evidence of what’s wrong, she spins off into another directions and our theories  go crazy in the cross current.

I had her to the Dr. on friday, called the Dr and the pharmecy and the Dr and the pharmecy ditto ditto ditto all day Monday trying to get a prescription tracked down. On Tuesday, we rested and did laundry and baked Christmas cookies that are truly kid’s works of art. Who said a 2 and 3 yr old and a distracted mommy can make darling gingerbread men ? They appear more like delicious unrecognizable sprinkle infested puddles and smudges of moist cookie.

Yesterday, we were very concerned. Kierra had an unnatural pallor touching her face, and we couldn’t get the proper size tube in her belly when we went to change it. so we put a smaller old one in.)

Then, i got a call that if i could get her to the clinic in an hour, they could fit her into their schedule. Now my kiddos were both in bed, and i myself in my favorite pjs with wild hair.

I tore around madly, throwing stuff in the general direction of the door. Thank God for kind neighbors (who hand you coffee in a travel mug and homemade cookies) and a duplex. I opened the side door and sent Kobe and a oatmeal pack straight through. Then we had a cold frozen van, frozen rutted slush to push Kierra’s chair across, all her meds to grab since i didn’t know when i would be home, and all the usuals.

The rest of the day was not as wild but my patience was totally maxed out. We decided to take her to Deleware to be seen by a GI Dr. for possible belly infection. I came home to pack up again, and waited and waited and waited for a call to let us know when and where to go. It turned out that GI wanted us to take her to see the surgeon that put the tube in. By then, it was way too late to get in yet that day, so we made an appointment for today and started her on an antibiotic in case there is an infection.

The strange thing is, she is happy, and laughing and talking. And her huge belly from yesterday is soft.  We would be thrilled if God healed her. I am feeling stressed though, because it seems she flip flops so much and is well for several hours and then really bad for several hours. I have this fear that she’ll be on her best up swing when the Dr. sees her and he’ll think all my explanations mean nothing, because, ‘the most important thing is how the child presents’. The thing with Kierra is that sometimes things are going on that ARE NOT presentable. She can’t tell you how she feels or where it hurts or that she’s having difficulty breathing. And neither can a Dr. really know that she’s acting ‘off’ when he hasn’t seen her in over a year.

So pray that i would not worry. That I could speak clearly and accurately and that he would LISTEN and believe me and if something is wrong, that God would show him what it is 🙂

Now, on a happier note.. i think I will go wrap some Christmas gifts while Kobe occupies himself with a waffle 🙂

3 thoughts on “To the Doctor

  1. oh dear girl…so sorry. That feeling of creeping fear, that knowing that something isn’t quite right, but not having the right words to explain, especially to the doctors. Like our pediatrician usually says…”You’re the mom, go with your gut.” YOU know your child like no one else. Prayers coming your way for peace, wisdom, and a Christmas that is full of love.


  2. God bless you, dearie, with joy and peace! It is a busy time of year to have lots of doctors appointments. I wish I could meet you there.

    I am washing tiny baby clothes today.


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