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Embracing Montana

We did it!!! We saw Montana again!Montana 2013 002 Montana 2013 007We breathed in the great big fresh air. Reveled in the open spaces and could scarcely sleep for the sheer beauty and joy of God’s wonderful creation! I didn’t know I missed it THAT much until we drove into South Dakota. We had been through parts of Wyoming,Iowa, Indiana, Illinois,Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, all the way back to Pennsylvannia. The closer we got to Montana, the more excited I got. And when that blue Big Sky country sign marked the actual official beginning of Montana air, I just had jump out of our van and do a happy dance. Kobe totally didn’t get it, sitting in the van while his mommy and daddy acted like fools. He caught on pretty quickly though, cuz he became a Montana lover in no time and learned the meaning of new words like ‘antelope’ and ‘drive and drive and drive’ and ‘mountains’

The first views that confirmed we were actually west and promised the Rockies were close by…Montana 2013 008  And then the beautiful mountains themselves…Montana 2013 024 Majestic enormous creation of our Creator. He flung so much beauty into this world!

We arrived in Gold Creek on Sunday and spent the next few days with family.We took a drive back into our old favorite haunts. And spent a few hours in our favorite town of Missoula.

This is the county side of our first young love 🙂

Montana 2013 054

Montana 2013 095

This the fateful hill where i could easily have died in that dreadful moonlit sledding accident. It was the best and worst ride of my life. Barbed wire and toboggans do not mix well. The strong arms that held up at the bottom are still holding me today, though.

i love you, Stephen! ❤ Montana 2013 026

Montana 2013 096 Montana 2013 098 Montana 2013 097.jpg Montana 2013 117.jpg

We had a great time with family also. Good food. New babies, Reconnecting. Steve’s parents had been in Honduras for 4 yr. as missionaries. They just returned a few weeks ago. It was wonderful to all be together again!

Montana 2013 029 Montana 2013 032 Montana 2013 065 Montana 2013 101

Kierra did amazingly well. I’m sure it was all the prayers offered up on her behalf. She needed more oxygen because of the high altitude, and her heart rate was considerably lower. It was such a gift to be able to be all be together and enjoy each other!

We   traveled to Fairfield on Friday, saw a few friends and packed our remaining things.

It seems like a dream that we lived in this house. I still miss it 🙂 It had a newly remodeled kitchen and antique fixtures throughout. Then there is all that emotionally ‘stuff’ that went on in there. Kierra’s sicknesses and Kobe’s first homecoming. Good times with friends and warm crackling fires. Montana 2013 124

We had short sweet time with friends in the 24 hours we were there. Coffee and conversation, a night of rest…and we were headed out.Loaded packed jammed full!

Montana 2013 198

We even got to stop for a cattle crossing just outside of Great Falls .Montana 2013 141 Montana 2013 142

Goodbye to the West until next time…. I will miss you, wide open spaces…Montana 2013 159

and funky jokes on mountain roads…Montana 2013 062.jpg

2 thoughts on “Embracing Montana

  1. it was soooo wonderful to see you again; and words do not begin to describe how lovely those few hours were. So I think ill just go read this blog again, remember the delightful times, and hug you in my heart ❤


  2. How wonderful you could spend time in beautiful Montana again. Those mountains are amazing! Your happiness is contagious, and I could easily picture you celebrating at the state line. :). I’m so glad Kierra did okay there, too. Wishing you the best as you get back into your routine at home.


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