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Prayer For Kierra

november 034


Kierra was feeling so well this week. Totally off oxygen for about 4 days!!! And yesterday, she had a ‘perfect’ day! 🙂

Today her oxygen levels kept dropping again and she slept for hours.november 020

The worst thing is  that her nephrodic syndrome seems to be flaring up again. She gained about 2 lb. since Monday 😦 She has barely had any urine output since last night. Not a good sign.  So tomorrow morning, we go see the good Dr. S. first thing in the morning. Maybe she is catching a bug. Or maybe it’s her kidney’s having issues again. Or maybe she’ll be just fine by the morning.

So would you pray for her? november 035 november 036

We have been planning to travel to Montana for Thanksgiving, leaving next week, and seeing family and friends we haven’t seen since we left, not to mention, sorting through the little, large pile of mis. stuff we stored out there.

Trusting God…and hoping and praying our little girl will start peeing again! (amazing what we mommies pray for 🙂 !!

3 thoughts on “Prayer For Kierra

  1. Oh, Anita! We’ll be praying here…. I’m thrilled to hear she was off oxygen so long, what a blessing! But oh, how I hope she is not getting sick. I want so badly for you to be able to go to Montana next week (not that I want you to go away, of course… I just know how wonderful it would be for you to connect with people and sort out stuff). Please holler if you need anything.


  2. Oh, so sorry! Yes, we will pray…she has a Heavenly Father who loves her so incredibly much. Praying that you will feel that love too, and have wisdom to know about going to MT. I will pray specifically that she will pee…pretty sure God likes when we mommies get real with our prayers. 🙂 The pictures with her little doctor are too precious!


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