Special Kids

Home Sweet Home


Kobe and Kierra in their room with their favorite music playing night night tunes, a fresh pot of spearmint tea brewing. ..I am nearly too tired to sit here 🙂 But I have been so scattered the last few days, i just wanted all you lovely people to know we are home again! 

It almost feels like a week of our lives went missing 🙂 because a week ago I was so excited about the weekend. And now I’m excited about this weekend! And so very thankful I am at home instead of sitting in the ER!

Kierra’s labs are some better, but she still doesn’t really look OK to me. I have an appointment with Dr. S. at The Clinic on Tuesday and can’t WAIT to go! He always makes so much sense! And understands Kierra better then any other Dr., esp. since he has seen her the most and longest and worked with other YD children. He’s our ‘Kierra Whisperer’. LOL!

I want to do some research over the weekend and go loaded with questions and try to organize my mind. It feels rather scattered and unsure right now.

But it is truly marvelously wonderful to have a soft bed, clean, good smelling clothes, and all the little homey comforts!

Have a very happy, blessed, weekend my friends!

joy and peace from the Hochstetler’s to your day!


3 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. super happy for you–being at HOME! have a relaxing, chilled-out weekend with your sweet family. i’ll be waiting to hear what the doc says on Tuesday. love you guys and we keep praying….


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