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A Splash Of Color For Your Day





I’m a far cry from a great photographer, but I love color and beauty so although these photos lack quality, I hope you can enjoy a quick scroll through another culture and country.honduras trip 074 honduras trip 018

There’s something about the brightness of the market that always reaches out and delights the eyes.honduras trip 078 honduras trip 086

spice rack….savory!honduras trip 087 honduras trip 091 honduras trip 093


honduras trip 095

a rainy afternoon on the streets. plastic bags work great for rain gear 🙂honduras trip 097 honduras trip 098

don’t you just feel like indulging in fruit? honduras trip 099 honduras trip 103

And then the not so great part of town where they hauled huge slabs of beef on their dirty shirted shoulders and threw them onto the back of dirty little pickup trucks…and chopped meat on the open market. And the cereal? I’m assuming they weighed your amount out for you.

honduras trip 104 honduras trip 108 honduras trip 119 honduras trip 123

catching some zzzshonduras trip 125 maybe next time i should try a comfy sidewalk for a nap:)

happiness to you today!

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