Thoughts On Life

This Could Have Been Me.

Our 7 day trip to visit Steve’s folks in Honduras gave me so many new thoughts to process.

honduras trip 041

One evening, my mother -in -law invited the new 28 yr old neighbor boy to stay for supper. We all gathered round the brightly lit kitchen table and thanked God for the food. Then we chatted and laughed as the bowls passed from hand to hand, and everyone helped themselves.

The Boy sat at the end of the table, hands clasped politely, securely in his lap. He did not reach for the serving bowl when it came to him. We all continued spooning our food out and pretended not to notice as Tim, sitting just around the corner from him,asked him if he would like some vegetables. He sat silently, nodding or shaking his head as each dish passed him. When the food had all been around, he gently raised his hands, took up his fork, and began to eat. Later, when the fruit and cake were passed around, I dared to glance fleetingly his way. Once again, he sat with his hands tucked securely under the table. But his face lit up like a child in a candy shop when Tim reached a piece of cake onto his place. I hope I never forget that smile. And that sheepish delight over a piece of cake.

We went to visit him in his quarters. Then I understood. His mother had abandoned him years ago. He had no home but a neighbor had allowed him to use one of their shacks for a shelter.

honduras trip 052

honduras trip 054.jpg

Termites were eating away at the wood, and the roof leaked awfully. It was just barely better then nothing.

When he first came into the area, looking for work, he was not a Christian. One night, during the cold rains that soak Honduras in rainy season, he found his way to the mission house and asked if they have an extra board. He needed it for his bed, since the water was flooding his board “bed” he had in his ‘house’.

Imagine! Not a blanket or mattress. Simply an extra board for the night.

They gave him a board and took a thick foam and sheet along for him as well.

Now this is his bed. And his home.

honduras trip 050#2.jpg

The rain still leaks through the roof onto his bed.

But that cannot dim the love of God he accepted into his heart. His whole countenance changed! He works at the mission now, and has bought himself a few new clothing articles.

honduras trip 051

He learned to cook rice from my mother in law. He took us behind his house to see his kitchen.

honduras trip 048

honduras trip 055#2.jpg

He is working toward a new life. And the hope he has in God burns in him and he’s learning to read.

And this is only one of the hundreds and thousands in the world that have so little. And I think of Almighty God , high above the Earth, looking down, and placing me in America. And him in a field in Honduras.

I have so much! Summer and winter clothing. ‘Every day’ and ‘company’ dishes. Hot showers and pairs of shoes. Boots and flip flops and a soft bed and piles of blankets and a washer and dryer. Fans and umbrellas and a van to travel in.

It doesn’t seem fair at all. Then I remember- it’s all about God and eternity! And His Love and Mercy reach down and embrace all types of hearts and saves souls from gutters to palaces!

And in Heaven-we will all praise Him together and we will all be more blessed then the billioniest billionaire!! And it all started at the Cross.

And just a few more pictures to make you so thankful for our simple American pleasures.

honduras trip 128

A junk yard in the middle of town.

honduras trip 132

Laundry drying brightly on the topmost level of apartment complexes.

honduras trip 129

honduras trip 138#2.jpg

These people live just outside the garbage dump. They make their homes from other folks trash.

honduras trip 140#2.jpg

Children grow up here.

honduras trip 072

In the corner of the busy city in mid morning.

This could be me.

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