Thoughts On Life

Fullness + Abundance

Two words that I would not choose to describe 2021 right now. When life seems to be full of so many uncertain things. A sense of lack, a feeling of ‘less then’ , a desperate clutching to what we think we need, a deep grief for injustice, a longing grief for loved ones gone, a swirl of differing opinions and a fear of what could be all seem to dominate our thinking.

Instead of living from a place of abundance, we live from a place of ‘what if’ and a place of scarcity. We clamp down on our supplies and hone our skills and fear that we won’t have what it takes to manage the unknown.

It’s wise to be prepared as much as we can right now, take precautions we have not even considered before, set up our homes for learning and work in new ways, and get fresh air and sunshine to our bodies and souls.

In this shift and truly alarming economic reality around us, there’s a lifeline.

There is ABUNDANCE and FULLNESS. There is peace and safety. Life and circumstances may not change. In fact, they can hurt brutally and shake you to the bones. But there can still be a steady source of fullness , goodness and peace that remain strong, deep in our core.

You have permission to lay down the defense position of being right. Of getting it right. The deep clutch of self preservation.

There’s a relationship with God that is totally vulnerable to the goodness waiting to fill you. It’s birthed out of that fullness of the love of the Son who is held from the lap of the Father (referred to in John 1:18) It’s a fullness that totally fulfills us.

There is no lack in this fullness. A deep satisfaction. Sweet vulnerability to the Divine relationship waiting for us. Completely whole,profusely blessed and cared for.

Check out Ephesians 1:23 in simpler words…we are completed by Christ. We also complete him. Isn’t that mind blowing?! When we allow that abundant fullness to fill us, we are like his body bringing abundance to the earth. We don’t have to be living in fear, small, hidden, scared, fearful that we are not living enough, constantly guessing, questioning, judging. Always on the defense. Wall up. We will never run out of abundant fullness when we are vulnerable to the Divine.

You are wide open to the grace of God. It’s always available. There is no reason to clamp down tighter on your beliefs, your view points, or your actions. Allow the fullness of God to abundantly fill you and your whole inner world will change. It will spill over to others in ways we can’t imagine. Simple practical ways and heart changing ways and big amazing ways and that’s what I believe changing the world is all about.

Here’s my prayer for you taken from The Book of Ephesians

You will be empowered to discover…the Great Magnitude of the astonishing love of Christ in all its dimensions. How deeply intimate and far reaching is his love! How enduring and inclusive it is! Endless love beyond measurement that transcends our understanding. This extravagant love pours into you until you are filled to overflowing with the fullness of God! Never doubt God’s mighty power to work in you and accomplish this. He will achieve infinitely more than your greatest request, your most unbelievable dream, and exceed your wildest imagination! He will outdo them all. His miraculous power constantly energizes you!

Fullness and abundance to you today, brave heart!

Finding Yourself

When 2020 Overwhelms

So many voices


So many people standing firmly

In their truth.

So many ears that totally miss the heart

That’s risking to be heard.

We are so quick to throw people into boxes.

Chain link fences of phrases and photos

Dividing people onto sides.

My heart weeps with the immensity of it all.

It feels like a shouting match and no one is listening.

Like the air is so full of static that

The true sound waves can never break through.

And meanwhile, the truth is hovering in

The stillness of timeless space.

Waiting to be embraced.

I invite you to

Ride above the commotion and ammunition.

Above the bombs of emotion.

Find that quiet retreat of your own beating Heart.

Know that you are more then this.

Grace and love have already won.

Our hearts can rest on the timeless truth of who God is.

“Divine Love in all its forms.

Joy that overflows.

Peace that subdues.

Patience that endures.

Kindness in action.

A life full of virtue- goodness.

Faith that prevails.

Gentleness of heart.

Strength of spirit.

Never set the law above these qualities.

They are meant to be limitless.

Never be arrogant or look down on another

For Each of Us is an Original.”

From the Book of Galatians

It is not simple and naive to draw closer to the Creator of our hearts.

Bury your head in the truth of who Jesus is. Stay there.

Allow it to fill you so completely that you can remain deeply at peace through all the confusion and emotionally charged barrages.

It is not naive to believe that Our Divine is constantly working and always speaking. Listen and look for the peace that is continually flowing from the heart of our Creator for you. You will find it.

Relax in the One who enfolds you in grace.

The One who sets us free to become servants of each other, expressing love in everything we do.

Own the truth of you but even more importantly own the truth of who you have been created to be in the realms of the Divine.