Special Kids

Trusting Radiance

Thankyou for your prayers for Kierra.

It’s Sunday morning here and the kiddos woke way too early 🙂 Time to get the coffee brewing and let it sink in that heading back to bed is not an option.

Kierra’s kidney function has definitely deteriorated since last time we did labs in August. Her creatnine levels are at 1.4. That’s high for a child. She had been at levels like 0.4 or 0.5 and that was pretty good. Even 0.94. But i think this is pretty much the highest they have been.

The Doctor gave us orders to cut back on her Lasix. This medication helps her lose fluid as long as her kidney vessels are functioning well enough to actually receive the medication into her kidneys. If her kidneys shut down, the vessels become so constricted, that medication will not reach them, thus the only option is a kidney transplant, which we do not plan to do.

If she has had an overdose of Lasix, this can cause dehydration which could also make her Creatnine levels rise, and reduce her urine output.

So our little girl could go two ways. Continually better. or continually worse. Her last few days have been amazingly well, although she is battling a cold. We are fighting back with lots of rest and Unker’s (or Amish Salve) and nose suctioning (uggh, poor girl). I LOVE the Amish Salve!!! Any mommy should have a bottle full 🙂  Her lungs still sound good and she is not gaining significant weight at this point. That is wonderful!!! She is urinating more again, which we take as a miracle and we give God Glory and Praise!

So our Montana trip is still on schedule! The Dr. thought it would be good to take her if we are OK  with the extra stress of ‘what if she gets sick’, and we have a plan in mind in case that would happen. We feel good about going…so hopefully, it will work out!

Sometimes in life, you need to stop living with the fear of dying and live in the moment and make the most of it. (easier said then done at times !) So although we don’t want to  take unnecessary risks with Kierra’s health, we also want to experience LIFE and Love and ties that bind and make good memories of the days we have.

2013 254


So today, we will stay cozy and warm in our little house. If you think of Kierra this week, pray that she could stay well enough for this trip.

And you can pray for me also…that I would not let fear and worry consume me, but anchor my faith and trust firmly in Our Creator. I don’t want to live in the scary places of ‘what if?’ and ‘when?’ and ‘how?’… I want to live in the light of the Son , who is the radiance of His glory! (Heb. 1:3)

2013 079.jpg 2013 076

Recently i saw Kobe, chasing morning sunshine that fell across the apartment floor. Isn’t that just what God wants of us? Basking in His light…marveling at it’s transformation and warmth.

2013 081


Wearing it like a halo of glory.

Have a blessed Sunday!