Remembering Kierra Fundraiser

 It’s nearing the end of January. That means it will soon be a year since Kierra joined the angels in heaven. Last year we had spent lots of time in the hospital.


One of Kierra and I’s favorite things to do was to get her all prettied up. I would give her a bed bath, brush out her beautiful silky hair, working through the impossible tangles in the back until they hung lovely and smooth.


She would have her favorite blanket to hang onto and her cutest outfits to make the room feel more cozy.


And when I had some extra time,  I would paint our toenails with matching polish.


Remember pampering her this day, Sadie?


She was a little princess with those pretty nails. Sierra gave her lovely pastel lavender and pink polish for her birthday and she looked so girly girl with it on her tiny toes! I miss pampering her. I miss her tiny hands and feet. I miss matching with my little girl.

I’m sure there are better things in heaven then pretty nails, but since I’m still a human Mommy, I wanted to do a little fundraiser in Remembrance of Our Wildflower Child.

If you have never heard of Jamberry  nail wraps, you are missing out 🙂 I am having a party at my house on

Friday afternoon at 3:00 P.M.

January 23.

There will be lots of nail wraps here. This is a special party for Mommy’s and their little girls. Delightful little nail wraps and big mommy ones will both be available. Stefanie will be here to answer any questions and show you how to apply them and tell you good stories of how long these cute wraps last 🙂 There are styles for everyone, whether you like French tips, Chevron, or something with Bling or Bold.

(hint: the Valentines one are darling!)

So you are all officially invited to my house for some Mommy/daughter time…and while many of you are from out of state or it won’t work for you to come but you’d still like to check them out…I’ve included a link for you to order from.

This fundraiser is for The Clinic For Special Children in Pennsylvannia.  This is the clinic that diagnosed and is still currently researching NCS. {nephro cerebellum syndrome}

There is still no known cure for this rare genetic disorder, but some of the most intelligent, world renowned physicians are researching it. Although Kierra snuggled into Jesus’ arms before there was a cure, we are hoping and praying that a breakthrough would come. We are praying that other children wouldn’t have to suffer from NCS

So feel free to click on the Jamberry link and pick out some lovely nail wraps for yourself and your girly girls or friends!

Someday I’ll hold this little girl’s hand again…until then, I’ll hold the memories!




  1. I wish I lived closer! I’d love to bring Chloe…she loves anything to do with “the pretties”. 🙂 This post made me want to cry and cry. You are so strong. It’s an inspiration. Thank you.

  2. I’m hoping very much to make it to your party 🙂 I love the picture at the top of your blog, and all the other ones in your post, but especially the top one. It reminds me for some reason of memories before you moved to PA, coffee… Children on the tire swing… Pedicures and more coffee, Your paintings in Kierra’s room, Kierra on her bean bag with her favorite pink blanket ….

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