Kobe Misses Her.

last days 051

We miss her so much. Those precious little hands. I turned to look for her today, to check if she was OK. And she wasn’t there. My heart feels like it had a dose of immunizations. It is so incredibly sad. But it just keeps beating and life just keeps going on.ImageGoodbye Kiss.

He misses her so badly. Today, especially, he is so sad and wants to be held and cuddled and read to much more than usual. He cries about the tiniest things. ImageAnd stares out the window.

ImageTheir hand prints will always be side by side in our hearts…even if Kierra’s are in Heaven.

ImageWe got a few smiles out of him today. His cousins came by this morning before leaving for Montana and he laughed hysterically over bubbles.

ImageThey sat on his beanbag with him and kept him company.

Because he misses this…


Then Rocky came to play awhile.


And these two lovely ladies drank coffee with me and did pedicures and talked and sat and were so kind.


We survived our first day after the funeral. That is a milestone! Thank you for all of you for your prayers and love and kindness! I slept better last night then I have in a very long time. That is a miracle.

Please pray especially for Kobe. It hurts to see his sad eyes. I know God will help him through this too! Because He LOVES the children!