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hard breaths

Yesterday morning when the nurse left at 6AM she reported that Kierra was breathing really rapidly. I wasn’t too worried since she does alot of shallow belly breathing regularly.
I had appointments every day last week with her except Monday and Saturday. I had even taken her to The Clinic of Friday because she was doing weird stuff all week. Like vomiting when the Dr.says it’s impossible since her nissan /funda surgery that was still intact a few weeks ago. She had no fever and no other signs of a virus really.
So I was holding her Sunday morning, counting her respiratory, getting her breathing treatments ready when she suddenly started breathing very rapidly. She had been doing well on one lifer of oxygen. Now she was struggling to hold her own at 3 liters. Her machine maxes out at 3. I hollared for Steve and watched as her heartrate dropped into the 70 s and 80s. Her oxygen was hanging low in the same numbers. 90 is barely acceptable for oxygen numbers, and she wasn’t hitting anything much higher then that at all. We gave her a breathing treatment, and called the on call Dr at the Clinic. She advised us to take her to the ER in Deleware if she continued to struggle.
I called Linda Fisher to see if we could drop Kobe off on our way.
Here’s the amazing thing. I had barely got off the phone with her when Kierra started stabalizing. Linda had promised to pray, and somehow I knew she would immediately.
We threw things together, dropped Kobe off, and headed out. Kierra stayed at. 100% oxygen level all the way pretty well. And she was only on 2 liters!
We felt a little weird walking into the ER with her, but were too concerned to just take her home.
I am sure the church and friends and family were praying. Although her chest xrays showed lots of fluid on her lungs, her lab work came back much much better then I ever dreamed it would! I was so thrilled!
Today they did another xray and saw a definant improvement so that’s encouraging!
She is still on a Vapatherm. Which is in my words, glorified oxygen. They don’t know what the cause of her rapid breathing is right now since quite a bit of fluid came off with IV Lasix.
We are hoping and praying she will breath easier and be weaned back to regular oxygen!
I’m exhausted so good night. Thankyou for your prayers! It is such a faith booster for me to know God really does answer positively! And when the answer is No, then He is always there to hold us through it. Because He promised. And God NEVER lies or backs out!

3 thoughts on “hard breaths

  1. Glad to hear she is doing better!!! I’m on my way to bed where I will pray for you and Kierra and Steve and Kobe until I fall asleep. Rest in His arms, girl. He will keep you strong tonight and always. So much love!


  2. I have been thinking of you like crazy! We prayed for you three different times yesterday at church. It felt so powerful to just be a part of praying like that.
    I am so glad she is improving..
    Do you need anything? I could come down tomorrow or some other day this week. Let me know..
    Luv you friend! May you have sweet rest in the arms of Jesus.


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