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I wonder…(little thoughts on Healing)

Wherever He went…in villages and cities and out on the farms…they laid the sick in the market plazas and streets…and all who touched..the fringe of His robe , were HEALED!…(LUKE)

Amazing. Think of the one person (or two or three or more!) in life that you long with all your heart to be healed…and imagine them, reaching out and just one touch…


No more pain! No more weariness.

Joy must have throbbed up and down that line of common folks who were given a whole new life!


I imagine bringing my little Kierra to Him in my arms.

Viao Pics 101


Placing her in His. And watching in breathless awe as she picks up her head, looks into His eyes, smiles, and throws her arms around Him in a hug.

I imagine her in my arms, whispering sweet little girl words,



Eating sweet fresh strawberries.

And I wonder why? Why can’t Jesus be here today…an arms length away?

Close enough to touch.

Close enough to HEAL?

Viao Pics 1788  Viao Pics 1785

And then, I wonder..if Jesus really were here…and would gently take Kierra and cradle her close and would ask me if I would let her stay with Him…

He would never let anything bad happen to her.

She would be totally safe,

unbelievably happy.

Completely healed.

How could I ever say ” No?”


Viao Pics 2056




So perhaps…that is what death is…

Not so much death …as


and Life

and everlasting JOY…

.Viao Pics 203

3 thoughts on “I wonder…(little thoughts on Healing)

  1. Love you , my dear! And thanks so much for writing… your thoughts are so beautiful and they make me long for that day when we are all THERE and resting happy and healthy – Forever. No more goodbye, heartaches and sufferings!

    Kiss Kierra for us… we miss her so much!

    You would laugh to hear how many times “when we go to Kobe and Kierra’s house…” gets said around here lately! 🙂 For instance the girls were discussing this morning if you have elephants at your house… LOL I think it is held up in such wonder and awe that anything is possible in their minds! They aren’t the only ones that are excited, even tho’ my dreams consist more of a cup of coffee and a good talk with Kierra and Kobes’ beautiful mommy!


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